"Rich is that rare breed of young man that restores your faith in the future."


"As I got to know him in the early days of him volunteering at Endeavour Radio, it was clear that he was disciplined in all sorts of different media.


From his YouTube vlogs to his design work – which totally blew me away.


So, adding radio to his talents wasn’t that difficult because he understood the medium and how to get the best out of it. After the initial training he got to grips with format and how you can use sounds to accentuate a piece in your programme. He is now fairly skilled in presenting and all the disciplines that requires and, unlike a lot of commercial jocks and a fair number of BBC presents, executes them better.


Being such an enthusiastic person that enjoys everything he does – something clear to see in his artwork and just by listening to his radio show – the next logical step for us was to involve him more in the production side of things at the radio.


His first serious brief was to come up with a new brand for our Endeavour Quiz Night stage show. We were all absolutely blown away by the results and his imagery sits proudly on the big screen and on our social media.


Since then he has designed Halloween specials and one for Christmas.


If more proof of Rich being slightly different to your average young person were needed, it would be spending New Years Eve with me online throwing around a few logo ideas for what might be our FM logo.


More recently he helped us with our ‘party in the park’ style fundraiser called Flood Aid and has since thrown his all into his University work, as I expected he would.


He still returns to the radio to do shows when he can and I consult him regularly on media matters and throw around ideas.


If circumstances were different, I would not hesitate to offer him a high position in the company and it would likely be Head of Media – and he’s a top bloke to boot."